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Q. What does....(forum specific word) mean?
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Author:  Sunny Panasci [ ]
Post subject:  Q. What does....(forum specific word) mean?

A. words in common use on the forums and their meanings in this context:
story round-taking turns writing to a story by writing the next paragraph or so of the action. Turns are not assigned, anytime you log in, you can take a turn even if you were the last to write.

RP- in an RP story, you must sign up for a person in the story. You are the only one that can speak for the person or move them in any way. It is the only type of story we ask for a commitment on. Because only you can write for the character(s) you chose, we ask that you check for your turn periodically. Each RP story has its own threshold for how often you should check. It is the only kind of story you can be voted out of.

(open) or (closed) every story is marked either open or closed. Open stories are open to all. closed are close to all except the person who closed them.
Rarely, we have a ::sign up:: story. In these, you must complete an application to join and can be allowed or disallowed by the members of the story. So far, all sign up stories have been set to open after they are developed some. You may close a story for 1 month at a time to develop an idea.

fb-selective stories are featured on the popular web site facebook. They stay there only a month or so and then are available on the forums again. The facebook group is found easily by searching for "write around writer's coalition" or friending http://www.facebook.com/mamawidow with writer in the friend request reason box. I will then send an invite to the write around writer's coalition facebook group.

4 sentences -rules in 4 sentences stories are easy. write the next 4 sentences. No more and no less.
You must wait 2 days before taking another turn unless someone posts after you.

holler if I need to add any more.

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