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Title:Blanco Academy-Eric's side of the story
story starter: Darlene Kirkpatrick
genre: fantasy
writers: Darlene Kirkpatrick, Carol Bland
story type: story round
Open, closed, or sign up:open
can it be nominated to be a fb story: no

A Teacher's report on why he left teaching at Blanco Academy, a school for magically talented youngsters ages newborn-18. The school is located in a wizarding town that is below DeepEllum in Downtown Dallas. Entrance is in a goth shop. Has pretty lax dresscode. Founded by Diandre Blanco.
This is story 1 and will introduce a lot, unless we separate Diandre Blanco's story out on its own
Must be written in 1rst person!

Eric Crandell-science teacher. Main characture ATM
Mrs. Webb- mean, if not just plain evil teacher or principal

My name is Eric Crandell. I was a science teacher at Blanco Academy, a school for magially talented youngsters from birth to 18. Blanco was founded in the 17th century by Diandre Blanco, a very talented witch of the time. Blanco is located in a section of Downtown Dallas called Deep Ellum. Although the entrances to (TOWN NAME HERE) are in plain sight, no human has ever discovered it, for both entrances are cleavery disguised inside shops. Curently, the shop that stands above the North entrance is a gothic gift shop. The entrance is a trap door beneath a footlocker full of skulls. In ages past, the shop has been a candle shop, a palmreader's shop, an iron sculpture factory, a furniture store, a costume shop, an herbalist store, a midwife's house, a bookstore, and many other such things.

Blanco Academy began when Diandre Blanco, a midwife and herbalist was willed a house. It was a small house, only a kitchen, livingroom, and 2 bedrooms, but it was a wonderful home for the roaming gypsy who had never had a home. Little did Diandre know the wonders the tiny house concealed. Diandre had become close to the old woman whos will had given her the first home she had ever had. She lived with the woman for several years as she faded from life. The woman's name was Susan. She was Diandre's only friend in the world. The day Diandre had come to the area, Susan had sent for her. From that day, Diandre had stayed by her bedside, aiding her as she could, but slowly, Susan faded until she was no more. Somehow, without Diandre's knowing, Susan had written a will, which her lawyer read after the funeral. In the will, Susan had left her everything. In her own words "Everything I have that can be given from one person to another, I give to my loyal companion, Diandre Blanco." After the reading of the will, having no where else to go, Diandre went back to her new home and cried for the loss of her dear friend Susan. Diandre cried and moped for three days, but on the fourth, suddenly, there was no time for that luxury. Before the sun rose on the fourth morning after Susan's death, a scream filled the streets. "Help, someone! She's having a baby! Something is wrong! Help!"

Diandre was still awake from the day before. She rushed out to the street and caught the man as he passed her house. "I am a midwife. Where is she?"

He frantically told her,but his words were mixed up. Diandre, feeling time was of the essence, motioned for him to show her. In minutes, they were at the man's house. He sat on the porch as Diandre entered the one room house. As she knelt over the woman, Diandre saw something she had never seen. Colors coursed through the woman, showing Diandre an image of the baby and the mother's womb. The baby was in blue. There was a red snake wrapped around the baby's torso and neck. On the mother's womb, there was bright orange where the snake was pulling at the mother's womb. The pool of blood under the mother was orange, also. Suddenly, Diandre understood! The birth cord was wrapped around the baby, strangling the life from it and pulling the womb loose from the mother, causing her to bleed. Diandre appologised, then pushed the baby fully back into the womb. She grabbed the snake and pulled enough free to cut it. She tied both ends and began working to slowly free the baby. It seemed to take forever, but finally, the baby was out. Diandre pulled the cord from his neck and the little blue boy bagan to breathe. Diandre swaddled him and set him into the crib. From her bag, she pulled out a jar, opened it, and spread its entire contents around the injured womb. The bleeding from the womb's wall subsided quickly. Diandre finished up and gave the mother a bit of something to help her sleep. When both baby and mother were asleep, Diandre went to the porch and told a very worried papa that both mother and son would be fine, but he would need to take care of them. Diandre left him with instructions on how to care for mother and baby and to send for her if needed. That day, every baby who was late decided to be born, as though they had waited especially for her to be ready.


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The owl unlatched the window and let itself in. Michaela stood with her mouth agape. How had it done that? It looked at her as though expectant. After moments, it lifted its leg to point out a letter tied to it. Always weary of birds, she stepped slowly closer. The owl made a sound at her, almost a coo as though it sensed her discomfort and wanted to set her at ease. As she reached towards it, the owl untied the letter and set it in her hand, removing the nessesity of her touching it.

When she opened the letter, a gentle woman's voice read it aloud to her as she read silently.
"Blanco academy formally requests your attendance August 20 for orientation."

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