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 Post subject: (open)Taramia(open)
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story starter: Bethany?
genre:sci fi
writers: Bethany, Darlene Kirkpatrick
story type: story round
Open, closed, or sign up:open
can it be nominated to be a fb story:yes

premise: after accidentally stepping through a portal/trap of her uncle, a wizards' creation, Taramia (age 11, orginally from england circa king arthur's time) finds herself locked into indian times and is adopted by a cherokee chief.

Taramia ran as fast as she could out of the market. The man with the knife was just steps behind her. Once out in the street, she dodged under a waggon and ran full speed into the woods. She ran until her legs felt like rubber under her before she slowed and looked back. The man was no where to be seen. She ducked under a large rock, watching and listening for signs that he had followed her.

Hours passed. Taramia began to doze. When she woke, it was almost dark. Her stomache grumbled. She pulled out her pack and took bread out. Stale bread. Her taste buds complained with each bite, but it was all she had. The man with the knife had not given her time to pack much. He'd said she and her uncle were going for an outing. Once they got to town, though, her uncle dissappeared and the new servant had pulled a knife and lunged at her. It was only by sheer luck that she was able to get away unharmed.
Taramia put the rest of the bread up and slung her pack on her back. It was time to get out of the woods and find help. She looked around. Nothing looked familier. Which way had she come from? She peaked out from her natural cave. The sun was at the horizon, giving the forest a magical glow. Her belly growled. She cautiously crawled further out, expecting her pursuer to grab her at any moment, but the forest was teeming with wildlife sounds, telling her she was a lone human within its safety.


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 Post subject: Re: (open)Taramia(open)

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She walked around the other side of the rock. She remembered which side she had ducked under it from. "I can't stay here", she thought and took off at a brisk walk trying to retrace her steps. Occasionally she would notice tracks in the softer dirt that matched either heel or toe of her sneakers, broken twigs and branches in the undergrowth, or trampled brown grass. She was sure she was going the right way, but where was the road or any sign of habitation. She should be seeing signs of one or the other if not the market it self she had been walking for what seemed like hours now and it was too dark to see where she was going. She was so tired she realized she could go no further this day and looking around she found a little hollow spot hidden behind some scrub bushes at the base of a large cedar tree the branches of which came almost all the way to the ground. she burrowed her way into the spot just fitting and curled up using her back pack as a pillow and tried to fall asleep.

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