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Author:  Winifred Daniels [ ]
Post subject:  APONI-write around-open

story starter: Winifred Daniels
genre: unsure, yet
writers: Winifred Daniels, Darlene Kirkpatrick, Amanda Hollis,
story type: Write Around
Open, closed, or sign up: open
can it be nominated to be a fb story: no

Author:  Winifred Daniels [ ]
Post subject:  Re: APONI-write around-?-open

He stood, arms crossed, feet apart, looking over the cliff into the water so far below. From where she stood, he looked like a native painting. Shadow of a Warrior. Her big, brooding brother showed more of their native genes in his appearance than any of their 6 siblings. Though inappropriate at this grieving time, Aponi pulled out her sketch book and began sketching her eldest brother.

Author:  Sunny Panasci [ ]
Post subject:  Re: APONI-write around-open

She had long finished her sketch before he moved again. He walked to her. The pain in his face tore at her heart. While she had been away, her big brother had been home taking care of their parents.

Author:  Amanda_hollis [ ]
Post subject:  Re: APONI-write around-open

As she looked into his big eyes she seemed to sense a difference in this once familiar person. It was as if his struggle of taking care of their parents had added years to him. His once full grin was now showing the fatigue of age.

Author:  Sunny Panasci [ ]
Post subject:  Re: APONI-write around-open

His stone stare and native features brought to mind the hunters, warriors, and ghost dancers of their ancestors. A chill ran up Aponi's spine. Her brother was ready for a fight and she was the easiest target. Not only was she the only person in sight, she had abandoned the family to chase her idiotic dream. She knew what the question would be before he asked, but waited for him to voice it.
"Why are you here, Aponi?"
"I came to pay my respects, Wyandanch." She used his full given name instead of the shortened Wy she had called him in her youth, partially to gain equality in the confrontation and partially to remind him he had no say in her affairs any longer.

Author:  Carol Bland [ ]
Post subject:  Re: APONI-write around-open

"Respect" He snarled "Where was your respect when Mom and Dad needed you? When I needed you?" His voice was full of sadness and contempt. "You are not wanted or needed now so just go on back to your precious life and leave the rest of us alone"

She sighed and tried to once again explain her decision to leave. She reached out to hug him to console his grief and he roughly pushed her away.

Tears sprang to her eyes but she knew he was just lashing out that he really did not mean to be so hurtful.

Author:  William Devon [ ]
Post subject:  Re: APONI-write around-open

Suddenly Wy's expression transformed entirely and became a shocked and confused sort of pain. A moment was required for the pair to realize just what they were living through in that very moment. Wy had taken a perfectly aimed and hand crafted arrow through his chest; the arrow was intended to wound him badly as it went through his torso just above and to the right of his heart. Their brother Dakota had shot him from the peak Wy had just been standing on and flawlessly put his older brother out of commission removing the arrow will be risky at best.

Author:  Sunny Panasci [ ]
Post subject:  Re: APONI-write around-open

Dakota ran down towards them. "It was only supposed to scare him!" No one believed that. Dakota was a champion marksman. He never missed his target. Aponi kept her wits about her and dialed 911 on her cell. They would cover this up for Dakota. Pretend they believed it was accidental.

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