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Dragon Warrior -write around-open
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Author:  Sunny Panasci [ ]
Post subject:  Dragon Warrior -write around-open

story starter: Robert Kirkpatrick
genre: fantasy, dragon
writers: Robert Kirkpatrick
story type: story round
can it be nominated to be a fb story:yes

this story takes place in old England
where a novice warrior becomes the greatest warrior ever.
ok hears the layout drakon finds the egg then finds a retired dragon rider who was really watching over the egg for about 100 years

Author:  Sunny Panasci [ ]
Post subject:  Re: (OPEN)dragon warrior(OPEN)

Hi my name is scorch. I am an "impure" mix between norwegon ridgeback and celestrial dragon but there is something weird about me. my scales change color depending on how i feel. for example when im sick my scales take on this really pale white color and when im board they are a aqua green misty color. when I was an egg this elvin warior named dracon accedently tripped on me *snicker snicker* One day dracon was running through a dark forest full of ghastly goblins that always attacked humans and other beings traveling through their forest.
The goblins were perched high in the trees waiting for unsuspecting victims. They where as hideous as they were strong. As Dracon was walking under a tree where a goblin was perched that goblin jumped down upon him. With one mighty blow the young warrior killed the goblin where it landed with the power of the steel sword he had wielded from the time he was old enough to bear the weight. Then took shelter in a cave where his horse had hid. Then he tripped on what he thought was a rock but it was green with white veins running down the surface of it. Then he picked it up,gently placed it in his saddle bag and got on his companion named Streaker. Once properly mounted Dracon rode into town and claimed his 50 silver. When he got home(he lived in a school for warriors) he got a fire going and then heard the rock humming the same note until he saw that the rock had cracked and kept cracking until finally after some time of struggle a deep smokey Grey dragon eye peered out and then a pair of large talons burst out. after a moment the small creature looked over at him then the little dragon, that was rarely larger then a fruit bat landed on his chest in front of the fire. the little guy appeared hungry so Dracon rummaged through the kitchen to find a strip of meat which he then gave to the small dragon. the dragon seemed to be happy with his snack and new found friend, this was really shown when it belched lighting fire to dracons coat; which was promptly extinguished.
after properly extinguished he took the young dragon outside so it could play around in the field so that the dragon could learn his abilities as a dragon better he decided to name the young dragon scorch . scorch found a chunk of mithrel that was big enough to make a sword as broad as his solders .And sharper than the sharpest sword and then he took it to the local enchantress to make it into the sword of gorgon when it cuts you it turns you into a amputated statue and he coated the sword in poison, in fact, it was so poisonus that when it touched you it immediately burned your skin. Dracon and torch suddenly got ambushed by the tyrants guards trying to get the sword of gorgon and they failed because of the same sword that they where trying to steal then the evil tyrants best fighter tryed to get the sword by force but he to was slain by the awsome power of the sword of gorgon .by this time torch was about the size of a bull and twice as powerful. later that day scorch figured out the ability of telepathy and talked to dracon . dracon went into a old pub and met a retired dragon rider he was a tall medium build

Author:  Rob Kirkpatrick [ ]
Post subject:  Re: dragon warrior-write around-795-open

He had long black hair and dark grey eyes.

Author:  Carol Bland [ ]
Post subject:  Re: Dragon Warrior -write around-open

Dracon spotted the old dragon rider sitting in a dark corner at the back of the room near the fire place and slowly approached him. Once he reached the table he gave a slight bow and asked "May I sit? I would like to speak with you if I may."

Author:  write rotation [ ]
Post subject:  Re: Dragon Warrior -write around-open

The dragonrider nodded slightly.

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