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 Post subject: the amimal within
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with every passing day i can feel my humanity rapidly fading away. but the day i let the beast with in me play freely would be the day that they knew the real me .with the wit of a human and ferocity of an animal. i feel as though i was born in the wrong body i should have been born a beast wild and free. free from drama free from laws,free from the human way of life free free from the nucence that the humans put themselves through. but then.. things changed

i hear my alarm going off at 7:00 a, my first reaction was to turn it off but i misjudged the distance taking a rather hard tumble that made a shock of pain travel through my entire body.i couldent help but to scream in pain it rang out through the entire house. my mom yells up to my room "are you ok sweety"... like she cares. i just reciently moved back in with her and her husband. most of my life ive lived with my grandpa, because whenever i was visiting with her and my dad they always fought like cats and dogs. but i just blacked it out usually.... anyway thats a story for a diffrent time. i picked myself up from the floor by now my german shephard was looking at me like im crazy hte eurge to pee took over my mind and i rushed to the bathroom but on my way to the toilet i caught my visage in the mirror im a reasonably big guy im 6'4" about 250 with long black hair that goes down to my nipples but today the battle scars from yesterday decide to swell making me look like quazi modo, but i still gave myself a smile (checking if my cainines are still there)"cool they're still there". it may seam like people would leave me alone because i wear all black and my neutral face makes me look like a pissed off cerial killer. but every guy at the highschool seams to have something to prove (they usually leave worse off than i do).it now being 7:30 i go to my closet to find my favorite black hoodie and pants. my moms husband yells up to my room "wolfgang hurry up the bus is almost here" i yell back "I KNOW CALM DOWN IM GETTING DRESSED" i head downstairs to get some noms my mom made me a meatlovers hotpocket i grabbed it and my back pack without even making eyecontact with the outsider that was sitting in my house but i still said "later mom". on the bus i found my usual seat in the back then the bus went to my girlfriends stop. when she say me she ran over to me and said"what happened christian?" she liked to call me by my middle name."i just got in a fight thats all" she looked at me straight in the eyes and said " who did you hurt?" i kissed her and said "ha ha who do you not see here?" she looked around the bus and said " jason? how did he piss you off" i made her eyes meet mine and said " baby he threw the first punch you know me i dont like to hurt people but i can if i have to" she kisses me again she always taste like cotton candy so after she pulled away i was licking my lips she just giggled at me and kissed me again. the bus driver yelled back at us saying " no pda on the bus" mainly toward my girl who looked at me and my cold blue eyes met with the bus drivers and they got the message. you see at my school i have a reputation as a loose cannon even the school faculty new not to mess with me because ive sent many people to the hospital with broken bones. pulling up to the school my girl salem grabbed my hand and when i stood up it was like mosses parting the red seas and they all waited until i was off the bus before they moved i kinda liked it that way bucause i never liked humans and i never saw my self as human so the least amount of interaction between me and them the better. at this point salem put my collar on me and was walking me to class (we happened to have the same classes all day every day so she was able to gadgue my emotions and react accordingly) a few of the dumb jocks in my first period always called me cujo until salem gets pissed and rips them a new one usually by saying "he may be a dog in your eyes but that dog has a hotter girlfriend that you will ever have" which always make me start rolling with laughter.after school the guys came up to me and my girl and i was having one of my "shifts" as salem called it which meant i was no longer human. you see when i get too agrivated and i can take it anymore and i shift to being more animalistic and the only person who can control me is salem. thats why it messed with my head when an ex of mine came up to salem and said "how can you deal with him?" " hes not your boyfriend hes your dog" salems responce was to look my ex in the eyes and say " you obviously didnt bother or want to get to understand him and if you ever decide to come up to me and talk bad about wolfgang you wont have to deal with him you will have to deal with me and thats a promise" my first instinct was to go up to salem and have her pet me because i could tell she was furious she went from petting me to kissing me in front of my ex instinctually my arms went around her waste. when the bus pulled up we got on and i spent most of the ride home asleep when we got to my girls stop she woke me up and said "you know baby if you want to spend the night with me my dad said its ok" grabbing my stuf and salem in one motion i said "lets go" "ill call my mom in a few"

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